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felicity gluten free handbookWould you like to have a fun, healthy, worry free, gluten free lifestyle?Felicity gluten free and baby Tyler

During my gluten struggle I’ve seen too many doctors, had too many tests, and took too many unnecessary medications… at the end of it I had over $25,000 in medical bills!

All for something that was easily cured with a gluten free diet…. And it’s now my life goal to help as many people as possible avoid my deadly gluten mistakes – and get back to a simple, healthy and happy gluten free lifestyle.

The first thing I would love to share with you is my story and how I uncovered 8 amazing gluten secrets that changed my life forever! Click the video below to learn:

  • Why Gluten Grains are Hazardous To Your Health
  • Natural Cures – “They” Don’t Want You To Know About
  • How SIMPLE and EASY it is to eat delicious foods, lose weight, and feel healthy… everyday!
  • You’ll start to see results in days!… having MORE energy than a toddler on a sugar high… feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, with a body you can feel proud of.
  • Best of all you’ll learn how to get INSTANT relief from gluten health symptoms… and how to permanently prevent – or cure over 300 related medical conditions…
  • I’m about to share exactly how to stop gluten confusion – faster and easier than you ever imagined possible!

“After reviewing MyGFD I think every doctor should recommend this program – it’s the most complete gluten free diet survival guide for Celiac, Gluten Intolerance & Healthy Lifestyles!”

gluten free diet video
gluten intolerance symptoms video

If you are celiac, gluten intolerant, have digestive issues, or any of the 300 health symptoms associated with glutenYou’ll learn how to treat gluten symptoms and complications at home in seconds… finding the causes and cures for over 300 health issues without expensive medical bills!

gluten free diet weight loss video

If you want the honest, no B-S truth about the connection between gluten free diets, weight loss, allergies, detoxing & overall healthy lifestyle benefitsGluten free doesn’t have to be difficult, boring or tasteless… we’ll show you how to make simple, delicious, and healthy gluten free foods that the whole family will love!

gluten free diet health symptoms

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Related Symptoms & Medical Conditions
% Of Gluten Intolerants Incorrectly or Not Diagnosed
% Have Silent Symptoms
% Of Americans Actively Search For Gluten Free Products
  • Packed with all the top secrets previously known only by a small handful of the world’s best nutritionists and doctors…
  • This is the only scientifically proven program… that is backed by 20 years of – “in the trenches” – gluten free medical training.
  • The most complete gluten free diet ever created for All-Day Energy, weight loss, and immediate relief from health symptoms. The essential guide for Celiac, Gluten Intolerant and the Health Conscious.

Plagued by fatigue? Struggling with weight gain? Suffering from stomach pain? Is gluten sabotaging your health? — What you can do to take back control today!

my gluten free diet program
  • The honest, no B-S truth about gluten free diets, losing weight, preventing disease… and why gluten may be hazardous to your health.
  • Explore the differences between wheat allergies, gluten intolerance & Celiac disease
  • Dangerous hidden sources of gluten – Cross contamination – what you don’t know
  • Gluten free nutritional deficiencies & Issues with vitamin supplements and much, much more…

Explore over 168 gluten free flours & grains – ideas, substitutions cooking tips and best uses!

  • The only gluten free diet program that allows you to let down your guard and eat all your favorite foods – Get back to a simple, easy, worry-free life!
  • Did you know that many gluten free flours & grains are tastier and contain higher protein levels than wheat – such as quinoa, millet, and amaranth?  Discover the ancient grains, their nutritional benefits, and how to easily use them in everyday cooking.
  • 100 + gluten free flours, baking & substitution tips to make all your favorite recipes gluten free – learn the secrets to save $$$ on expensive pre-made gluten free flour mixes!
gluten free diet weight loss

Finally a simple Gluten free ingredients & products guide – Is it gluten-free? 40 surprising foods you might not know about…

gluten free ingredients is it gluten free
  • Complete a to z guide to gluten free food lists, ingredients & products – how to stop playing detective reading labels – save time and money at the store!
  • If you’re unsure if anything contains gluten— just have a look in this easy to search ingredient and product directory including a practical list of key ingredients to avoid…
  • Where to shop and what to buy… Is it gluten-free?  40 surprising foods you might not know about…

Lose the wheat, lose the weight and keep it off!  – Your Gluten Free Diet for weight loss & healthy lifestyles!  Eliminate the surprising ‘healthy’ gluten foods that are making you fat.

  • Learn how to live a simple, fun & happy gluten free life – lose the wheat, lose the weight and keep it off!
  • How to eliminate the surprising ‘healthy’ foods that are making you fat… and 22 Weight Loss Secrets And Healthy Lifestyle Tips…
  • Plus over 100 common diet, health and fitness myths… Gluten free – better health is just the beginning!
gluten free diet weight loss

Gluten Free diagnosis, medications, doctors & treatment – What ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know…

gluten intolerance symptoms
  • 7 Warning Signs You Are Being Misdiagnosed… here, at last, are the unspoken gluten secrets you’ll never hear from your doctor – and why almost all doctors are dead wrong in how they diagnose celiac disease, gluten intolerance & gluten allergy symptoms…
  • Top 10 expensive medications that a gluten free diet can solve for free – 15 minutes could save you $1,500 or more in medical bills!
  • Complete guide to gluten doctors, tests, misdiagnosis, medicine, supplements & at home solutions.

Explore over 300 gluten intolerance symptoms, causes & cures including what to do if you’ve been glutened & Natural at home remedies.

  • We’ll explore over 300 gluten intolerance symptoms and related medical conditions…
  • You’ll learn how to treat gluten symptoms and complications at home in seconds… finding the causes and cures for over 300 health issues without expensive medical bills!
  • Essential survival guide for managing gluten free life while saving $$$ in medical bills…
gluten intolerance symptoms

27 Steps to getting started… the first 24 hours!

This is the Beginners guide that shows you exactly what to do… and what to expect in the first 24 hours… 7 days… and first month of your gluten free diet.

gluten free diet how to start
  • Find out exactly what to do in the FIRST 24 HRS of your gluten free diet… simplify your life and get happier today!

Deliciously Gluten Free Recipes – Food So Flavorful They’ll Never Believe It’s Gluten-Free… discover over 1000 amazing gluten free recipes!

  • So you are gluten free now, what can you eat?…Imagine their faces when I smiled and say “everything I want” – Gluten free doesn’t have to be difficult, boring or tasteless… we’ll show you how to make simple, delicious, and healthy gluten free foods that the whole family will love!
  • When cravings happen… we have you covered – Why you should cover yourself in flour, eat as much bread, pizza and doughnuts as you can and wake up the next morning to the best day of your life.
  • I guarantee you will be able to make anything you want gluten free and taste delicious. If you want a recipe that’s not in our books just send us an email and I’ll find the recipe you’re looking for.
gluten free recipes ideas cookbook

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gluten free recipes ideas cookbook

Over 100 Delicious Gluten Free Bread Recipes

  • Kick the wheat habit with more than 70 original gluten free bread recipes from your old time favorites like banana bread & cornbread to pita bread, buns & biscuits – explore the tips & tricks to bake delightful and healthy gluten free artisan breads at home today!

100 + Delightful Gluten Free Breakfast Recipes

  • 100 irresistible gluten free breakfast recipes – discover how to make guilt free tasty muffins gluten free pancakes and bagels you can be proud, traditional breakfast casseroles pop-tarts and much more…
gluten free recipes ideas cookbook
gluten free recipes ideas cookbook

101 Tasty Gluten Free Snack Idea Recipes

  • 101 ultimate gluten free snack recipes – create healthy gluten free snacks like granola and protein bars! Your favorite chips and dips, and all the recipes that should be on everyone’s gluten free snack bucket list!

200 + Gluten Free Lunch & Dinner Recipes

  • 200 + unique gluten free meal ideas -Discover gluten free & guilt free healthy lunches to stay fresh – irresistible fresh wraps, salads and dressings… Make your dinners superb with gluten free chicken recipes, tantalizing appetizers and amazing side dishes options. Plus all your traditional pub favorites, slow cooking recipes and amazing ethnic dishes if you’re feeling adventurous!
gluten free recipes ideas cookbook
gluten free recipes ideas cookbook

120 + Tempting Gluten Free Dessert Recipes

  • 120 + gluten free desserts, when cravings happen… we have you covered – Need your chocolate fix? Raging gluten free chocolate cake recipes, cupcakes, brownies and luscious gluten free recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth. Learn how to make your grandma’s apple pie and a traditional cheesecake gluten free and enjoy a variety of other healthy desserts!

Ok is that everything?  Actually we also have an amazing members area that give you constant access to new features and produgluten free diet signupcts…

Everytime you check back with there will be something new and exciting added to your membership… make sure to login to the members area frequently to find what’s new!

  • contests
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  • forums
  • reviews
  • games
  • and much much more…

What else?  – We also have a few extra books we’re working on at the moment and will be released to our gold members as they get released…

gluten free recipes ideas cookbook
  • The ultimate gluten free diet shopping how to guide – simple ways to go shopping without feeling lost – tips on how to navigate the grocery store & much more + 70 money saving secrets and tips to be gluten free on a budget!
  • Gluten-Free Restaurant & Travel Guide: Safe lists of healthy gluten free diet menu items from all your favorite restaurants – Tools to eat out with friends, at a party, anywhere you want at any time without worrying!
gluten free recipes ideas cookbook
gluten free recipes ideas cookbook
  • Are your kids in danger of gluten intolerance or celiac disease?  Is gluten affecting your children’s growth?  How to live with a child with celiac disease?  Kid friendly meal ideas, homemade gluten free baby formulas & much more…
  • Over 101 questions and Answers to all your most pressing gluten questions – from simple to specific – we cover it all!
gluten free recipes ideas cookbook
gluten free recipes ideas cookbook
  • Yes dogs, cats & pets can be gluten intolerant!  Should your pet be gluten free?  Save a fortune and discover homemade nutritious gluten free treats to make at home!
  • Ultimate Gluten Free Beer Resource – types and taste descriptions covering everything you need to know to find your favorite beer plus tips & tricks on paring gluten free beer + Recipes and step by step on how to make your own Gluten Free Beer at home!
gluten free recipes ideas cookbook
gluten free recipes ideas cookbook
  • Top 50 Tips & Tricks to Cook like a Gluten Free Pro & step by step Guide for Gluten Free Baking made easy. Plus 80 Healthier Sugar, Dairy and Vegan Substitutions For Baking!
  • All your favorite Pastas made Gluten Free with original, nutritious and flavorful recipes – lasagna, mac & cheese and spaghetti for the Whole Family to Enjoy!
gluten free recipes ideas cookbook
gluten free recipes ideas cookbook
  • 65 Gluten Free Cookie recipes you’ll catch them with their hands in the cookie jar and he’ll never know they are gluten free – including your all-time favorites chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter delights and nutritious oatmeal cookies!
  • A pizza lover’s gluten free survival guide: Tips & Tricks, What flours to use and how to make a flawless pizza dough at home – Homemade pizzas they’ll never know is gluten free!  Plus Original recipes like our special Quinoa and vegan pizza options…
gluten free recipes ideas cookbook

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